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The Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (No.1183521).

Working with our national partners in criminal justice, sport, academia, government and others to establish the need, we registered as a CIO in May 2019 to become the ‘go to organisation’ for sport in criminal justice and we build on over a decade of best practice.

We envision a fairer society, free from crime, in a more just world.

Our mission is to build a better and safer society through the use of sport and physical activity in the Criminal Justice System, and by actively helping the sector in their efforts to reduce violence, crime and reoffending.

Our beneficiaries are the individuals and their families involved with, or on the fringes of the Criminal Justice System and who we know will have been affected by trauma and adversity. We also know that many of our beneficiaries will be from lower socioeconomic groups and present multiple and complex needs.

By leveraging our renowned expertise, our approach is designed to intercede as an agent of change, connect policy and practice, and use our guidance, skills and resources to empower the organisations who are using sport and physical activity to create positive outcomes for people involved with, or on the fringes of the Criminal Justice System.

Our core values:

  • Solidarity: Alongside our partners we listen, learn and advocate for what does, and does not work. Governance, collaboration and transparency promote confidence.
  • Trustworthiness: Together, we must be clear about what we do, follow through on our promises, when we said we would. Being honest about our success and failures only makes us stronger.
  • Collective Impact: As a catalyst of change, we stretch the boundaries of learning and innovation. Building trust and coordinating efforts will help to drive systemic change.
  • Stewardship: Engaging trustworthy partners, guiding, monitoring, measuring and responding to feedback across the stakeholder spectrum is central to our values.

AoS is unique in that we have been approached by nearly all of our current supporters and sponsors. Therefore, we asked them to help define our competitive advantage. They told us that AoS is:

  • ‘Well placed to drive collective impact efforts and build a robust evidence base’
  • ‘Excellent at getting the best people to work together and adds value like no other’
  • ‘Has the skills and expertise to drive real change, right across the Criminal Justice System’

Finally, check out our sector wide Theory of Change which helps to steer our collective impact efforts.

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