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Our Governance

The Alliance of Sport is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) that uses a ‘Foundation’ model constitution. This model restricts official members of the Charity to the appointed Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is collectively responsible for the leadership and governance of the charity. The Board is supported by a Finance, Audit and Risk Committee which is briefed to oversee the implementation of Governance principles, among others. The day-to-day management of AoS and the implementation of strategy is delegated to the Executive Team.

The AoS Code of Governance and the six priorities below, are designed to help Trustees understand their responsibilities and the steps they must take to ensure the charity is governed effectively:

  1. Sound leadership and control
  2. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  3. Clear focus and direction
  4. Acting with integrity and objectivity
  5. Being open and accountable
  6. Financially sound and prudent

Rigorous due diligence processes assure that sponsor resources are applied to conform to agreed prerequisites and that objectives are satisfied.