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What We Do

It is widely acknowledged that physical activity and sport-based interventions can be cost-effective tools to stimulate wellbeing and be a force for positive social change.

According to Sport England, community sport and activity generated £85.5 billion of social and economic value in England and that ‘every £1 spend on sport and physical activity generates an economic and social value of £3.91’.[1]

It is also recognised in the UK Governments Beating Crime Plan that targeted and well evidenced sport-based interventions are one of many positive activities needed to cut crime.[2]

However despite a growing body of evidence and recognition, the potential for sport and physical activity being used effectively to prevent violence, crime and reoffending remains widely misunderstood and therefore largely underutilised.

At the Alliance of Sport, we:

  • Deliver projects to galvanise support and increase positive outcomes for beneficiaries
  • Support others by increasing networking, collaboration, learning and development opportunities
  • Amplify the voice of others and advocate for local role models (particularly those with ‘lived experience’)
  • Build the evidence base and drive collective impact efforts to prove what does and does not work 
  • Work with government to drive systemic change

Our central role in the sector means the charity is well placed to provide strategic oversight and help sport and physical activity play a more coordinated role in tackling crime and health inequalities.