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What We Do

Our mission is to build a better and safer society through the use of sport in the Criminal Justice System and by actively helping our network in their efforts to reduce violence, crime and reoffending.

We deliver our mission through four key delivery areas:

Impact by Supporting Others – Helping individuals and organisations in reducing violence, crime and reoffending.

  • Developing unique and effective Communities of Practice
  • Learning and collaboration
  • Consultancy and guidance

Impact through Evidence – Capturing data to prove best practices in reducing violence, crime and reoffending.

  • Support collection and consolidation of data across the sector
  • Develop and deliver research projects directed to sport and criminal justice
  • Develop and promote good practice resources and publications

Impact by Communicating – Clear and concise guidance about what does and doesn’t work

  • Advocating for what does and doesn’t work to key stakeholders
  • Through events, gatherings and stakeholder groups
  • Managing a multi-media platform to showcase good practice

Impact through Delivery – Building a nationwide portfolio of solutions supporting sport in criminal justice.

  • Grow and consolidate a team of strategic leads using sport in the criminal justice system
  • Grow and consolidate a portfolio of national programmes
  • Work with government to advance policy and practice

The main outcomes we hope to see as a result of our planned activities in the next three years include:

  • A more robust evidence base for government policy, practice and investment
  • Confident and skilled teams using sport in the criminal justice system
  • Increased awareness and support for sport in the criminal justice system
  • Assuring strength in governance and financial sustainability


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We are an organisation that is built on a membership

“I love the Alliance because it’s full of inspirational people working across different fields with a shared vision, coming together to make a difference.” - Jackie Roberts, Public Health England. 

“The Alliance of Sport are continually innovating and seeking creative ways to respond to some of the most difficult challenges in the justice system. Their work is to be greatly applauded.” – Prof. Rosie Meek

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