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Reducing reoffending and changing public perception

The annual expenditure on reoffending in the UK costs the taxpayer around £7-10 billion every year. There are currently over 83,000 people in prison across the UK and almost two thirds of people who are sentenced to prison terms of one year will go on to reoffend. 67% of these reoffenders are under the age of 18.

This not only has an adverse impact on the government budget, but also on the wellbeing of victims, the public and wider communities.

Recent reforms have failed to reduce reoffending by the expected levels. This is vital to protect communities from crime as well as breaking the cycle for offenders. The current model of probation services has not proven to be successful. According to the National Audit Office, the part-privatisation has cost taxpayers almost £500 million. Probation professionals face yet more change with offender management being brought under the National Probation Service by spring 2021.

This one-day conference will bring together leading authorities from the Probation Service, Police, Courts, Prisons, Local Authorities, service commissioners, healthcare organisations, housing, voluntary and private organisations working with offenders to discuss the latest best practice designed to reduce reoffending rates amongst adult and juvenile offenders.

Chief Executive of the Alliance of Sport and Criminal Justice, James Mapstone, will be among the speakers at the event.

The conference also aims to address what can be done to change the public perception of ex-offenders. They are more than their past and with this event we would like to address the stigma they face when re-entering into society. The conference will look at practical methods, programmes and interventions that benefit people who are at high risk of offending or repeat offending, social exclusion and poor mental health. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of partnership working and the service user experience.

Our key objectives are:

  • Improving outcomes for youth in the Juvenile Justice System
  • Highlighting the importance of working collaboratively across all agencies in tackling the rising re-offending rates
  • Highlighting the role of the police in diverting offenders from the criminal justice system
  • The value of adopting a restorative approach to reduce reoffending
  • Discuss what can be done to change the predominately negative public opinion regarding offenders when they are released back into the community
  • The role of stable accommodation and employment programmes in reducing re-offending


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