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Bristol Rugby Community Foundation

In September 2010, Bristol Rugby Community Foundation restructured their successful Community Department as a registered charity (reg no 1137395).

Bristol Rugby Community Foundation delivers needs driven, outcome based programming to help young people in Bristol make positive choices in their life.

We have taken the time to identify exactly what makes rugby union special. We find that a very high percentage of young people are engaged by the combination of old-school values and ethics (such as honesty and integrity) and are positively challenged by the requirement for co-operative teamwork to achieve successful outcomes.

Couple this with the physically inclusive nature of a sport that equally values every body shape and size with the positive use of controlled aggression and you have the beginning of a highly effective engagement tool from which you can deliver a wide variety of attitudinal, behavioural and educational outcomes.

To this end, Bristol Rugby Community Foundation has had the honour of winning seven major national and regional awards since May 2008.

For more information, visit our website here

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