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Exim Dance Company CIC

Exim Dance Company CIC are dedicated to reducing barriers to regular participation in dance for young people of all ages marginalised as a result of their disadvantages in life (whether due to social deprivation, disability, anti social behaviour, special learning needs, vulnerability due to care arrangements or otherwise).

They enable disadvantaged and disabled young people of all ages to participate regularly in dance activities and provide these young people with skills (e.g. leadership skills) to help them in their future lives.

What makes Exim’s work so special is that the staff and ambassadors live (and have for their entire lives) in the deprived areas that we work in. They have experienced first hand the difficulties and want to be the ones to build on making their communities heard and successful. We are passionate for improving people’s lives through dance.

To find out more about Exim Dance Company CIC visit their website.

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