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Lord’s Taverners

Lord’s Taverners is a registered charity that utilises the effect of sport as a tool for change, social betterment and to make a difference to the lives of disabled young people and those within disadvantaged communities.

The charity envisages a future where all young people, irrespective of background and ability, have the everyday opportunity to play sport and enjoy physical activities to the benefit of their self-esteem, health, education and future socio-economic potential.

The Lord’s Taverners has already established strong community links and have delivered targeted intervention programmes in areas of deprivation to allow at-risk young people to gain access to increased opportunities to succeed both personally and professionally.


Its charitable aim is to enhance the prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people using forms of sport and recreation to engage with them.

The young people who attend Lord’s Taverners projects live in lower socio-economic areas and experience social exclusion because of living in low-income households and experiencing some of the five ‘pathways to poverty’ identified by the Centre for Social Justice:

  • family breakdown
  • educational failure
  • worklessness
  • economic dependence
  • addiction
  • personal indebtedness

In addition, the charity targets hard-to-reach individuals within lower socio-economic areas such as young offenders, young carers, excluded pupils, refugees and others at risk of exclusion. These children are often far less likely to participate in after-school programmes due to high cost and travel barriers and are more likely to become involved in a life of crime.

Overall, there is a genuine need to reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour amongst young people in the communities the charity works in.

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