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Sport Inspired

SportInspired’s vision is of communities connected with energy and passion, where people enjoy being active.

The mission is to achieve this through fun and inclusive community programmes which bring together local businesses, sports clubs, schools and councils, inspiring new connections, life skills and opportunities.

The organisation’s story began back in 2004 when Richard Raynes helped to start a children’s rugby club in Hackney, London. After two years he was:

  • amazed at the positive impact his club had had on its members, but also
  • saddened by the fact that most young people believed there was nothing to do locally, turning to destructive activities instead.After consulting with people in the community surrounding the club, he called on some friends and together they delivered an event called “SportInspired, Hackney 2007″.

The project was a success. Of course not everything worked perfectly, but there were enough positive outcomes to inspire Rich and his friend, Peter Thomond, to push the idea further. The investment bank UBS, then bravely stepped up in support of the project as part of their work in Hackney.

As a result, Pete and Rich started to understand the extent to which businesses could support in bringing the community together, through providing new skills, resources and most importantly, role models. The business volunteers got back every bit as much as they put in, as did the business itself. A strong and sustainable business model therefore, started to develop.

In the years to follow, SportInspired and their partner organisations (including schools, sports clubs, businesses and local authorities) developed the model to create something that can deliver maximum value to many people, with minimum resources.

SportInspired now has a unique and dedicated team which makes SportInspired an exciting, innovative and unique charity.

The organisation has now worked with 70,000+ people across the UK and has a strong vision, backed by big ambitions and careful planning of how to increase and develop further.

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