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Sport New Zealand

Sport New Zealand wants to see:

  • more young people engaging in more sport and recreation
  • more adults engaging in more sport and recreation and
  • more winners on the world stage

To achieve that, the organisation focuses on the following priority areas.


Sport New Zealand wants young New Zealanders to develop a love of sport and recreation that leads to lifelong participation.


To achieve its aims Sport New Zealand needs partner organisations that are sustainable and capable of delivering results.


Sport New Zealand wants capable, sustainable and co-ordinated organisations delivering quality sports to their communities.


In recent years the Government has increased its focus on high performance sport, to get more Kiwi winners on the world stage. This has been achieved through increased financial investment and through the creation of High Performance Sport New Zealand (as a subsidiary of Sport NZ), a one stop shop for elite athletes.


Facilities and events are both key drivers of a world-leading sport system, and Sport NZ has developed national strategies for both.

Sport NZ has also invested in the development of a network of world-class high performance facilities, so athletes can have the best possible training environment (HPSNZ).

A World Cups office has been established within Sport NZ to lead government’s approach to ‘mega’ events and support the successful hosting of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, the 2015 U20 FIFA World Cup and other events.


Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) invest directly into those organisations that are best placed to help the Sport NZ achieve its aims.

Typically that means Sport NZ targets investment into selected national sport organisations, national recreation organisations, regional sports trusts and local authorities.

Investment is typically tied to their achievement of agreed community sport and high performance sport outcomes.

In some cases the partnership means they also provide expertise that will improve the quality of the services delivered by those organisations.

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