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The Panacea Project

Founder Kelly Brearley explains all about The Panacea Project, which aims to get its services for abuse and trauma survivors in hard-to-reach and often high-risk environments to those who need it most:

The Panacea Project® is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to the vision of a world where we all regain our ‘humaness’ to care for others regardless of their background, income, race, age, gender or circumstance. We strive to provide a service where everyone has equal access to our healing modalities. Services such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga therapies for both children and adults who are trauma-survivors or just quite simply, in need and without care.

Trauma is an event that overwhelms the body’s ability to respond, leaving a person feeling helpless, hopeless or out of control. We believe everyone has the right to adequate care and support. Everyone is worthy of healing. We focus on providing inclusive new solutions in the hardest to reach environments using a mindful trauma-sensitive approach.

With correct trauma-informed and evidence based approaches we can break through old systems that are failing our children and vulnerable adults. I have witnessed our project transform teachers, students, prison residents, children and myself from deep within. With that kind of power, collectively, we can positively change the criminal justice system and society as a whole.

For more information, go to the Panacea Project website.

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