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Yorkshire Sport Foundation

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is the new name for an existing organisation with an exciting future. And the new name is a deliberate choice.

Yorkshire – A proud brand synonymous with sport; our two County Sport Partnerships of South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire serve over two-thirds of the population of Yorkshire.

Sport – Our core business is to encourage more people to take part in sport as we are passionate about the positive impact sport makes on people’s lives and the major contribution it makes to our communities’ physical activity levels.

Foundation – Our charitable status will facilitate greater health, social and economic investment that benefits both individuals who find it difficult to access sport and communities needing a wide range of services.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation operates South Yorkshire Sport and West Yorkshire Sport, two of the 45 County Sport Partnerships in England, responsible for connecting and influencing providers of sport and physical activity to increase the number and quality of opportunities for participation. To find out more about South Yorkshire Sport and West Yorkshire Sport click the links below.

For more information, please visit our website here

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