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Member overview

We officially launched the Alliance of Sport in October 2015 to tackle the large-scale problems we face in the justice system in England and Wales. These problems include a growing prison population and high levels of violence and re-offending.

Despite our focus locally, we have received a growing range of people and organisations signing up to the Alliance of Sport from outside England and Wales. After many conversations with some of these members along with a range of international development agencies, we recognised the influence and impact of global crime and we all believe that by sharing learning globally, we can all be better at tackling crime locally.

By the end of May 2017, our membership had grown to 234 individuals and organisations across the following areas

  • Rest of Europe 5 (2%)
  • Rest of the world 19 (8%)
  • England and Wales 201 (86%)
  • Rest of the UK 9 (4%)

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