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Alliance of Sport lead a transformative seminar on sports role in criminal justice

On December 6, 2023, the Alliance of Sport (AoS) spearheaded a transformative seminar, shedding light on the vital role of sport and physical activity in the Criminal Justice System. This event, organised by the Academy for Social Justice, has been met with exceptional feedback.

Esteemed speakers including James Mapstone, Co-founder and CEO of AoS, Konrad Deckers Dowber from Advantage Mentoring CIC, and Jane Moodie of Active Lancashire, led the seminar. Their expertise and passion captivated the audience, comprising 149 attendees, who rated the event and speakers with a stellar 100% score.

Highlights of the seminar included:

  • Engaging and Knowledgeable Speakers: The speakers’ fervour and in-depth knowledge highlighted the transformative power of sports in the Criminal Justice System, garnering widespread appreciation.
  • A Spectrum of Perspectives: The diversity of speakers, each bringing a unique angle to sports and criminal justice, resulted in a comprehensive and captivating dialogue.
  • Actionable Learning: The seminar was not just theoretical; it provided practical knowledge. Attendees learned about existing successful programmes and forged new connections, enriching those especially new to the field.
  • Rich and Relevant Content: Covering a broad range of topics, from sports role in galvanising communities to real-life success stories, the seminar ignited discussions and inspired new ideas among the audience.

The impact of the seminar was immediately evident, with many participants planning to apply the insights in their work, from raising awareness in the Criminal Justice System to collaborating with local sports clubs to increase engagement and participation opportunities. This reflects the seminar’s significant influence in sparking proactive change.

The event underscored the growing acknowledgment of physical activity and sport as vital tools in criminal justice reform. The combination of enthusiastic speakers, engaging content, and practical insights set a high standard for future events.

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