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AoS Survey: Make us better at supporting you

At Alliance of Sport we work with special people on special projects every day, with partnerships and teamwork always at the heart of our ethos.

And now we need your help to fill in a special survey which we believe will put us in an even stronger position to give these special people the help, support and promotion they so richly deserve.

Our job is to listen, understand and act – and the first of those requires 30 minutes of your valuable time to fill in the survey, which we have designed to give us a better overall view of the challenges you face every day, and the opportunities you feel should be seized on.

This is about not only improving the current situation for our #HiddenHeroes – it is about paving the way for an even brighter future. The more we know, the more we can act on. Shared knowledge is a powerful thing and something we value greatly.

We asked our key stakeholders to explain just how important this survey is, and why we would appreciate so much your valuable time in completing it. By doing so, you can make us better at helping you.

James Mapstone, CEO and Co-Founder, Alliance of Sport 

“Over the last few months we have been listening, learning and advocating for our network and the role of sport with key stakeholders around the world. Whilst we all find ourselves in challenging and uncertain times, our focus is on the small things that we can do now, so that we are better prepared and doing our very best to help you moving forward.

“Now we are asking for 30 minutes of your valuable time, and for that, we thank you in advance. We are asking you to complete this survey and help us create a stronger proposition for the sector, and for the role of sport in crime prevention and criminal justice.”

Justin Coleman, COO and Co-Founder, Alliance of Sport 

“Since lockdown began we have been in constant communication with more than 150 organisations (totalling more than 350 individual professionals) – these are some of the most passionate, skilled and dedicated people in society, not just here in the UK but internationally.  

We find immense value in talking withlearning from and advocating for some of the most vibrant, robust and all too often #HiddenHeroes from across communities, the health sector, criminal justice and VCSE sectors. 

We need to ask for 30 minutes of your valuable time to complete this survey so we can further support #TeamAoS through the challenging years ahead. Our promise to you is that this time will not be wasted. 

We will listen to all progress, concerns and future-proofing ideas – and we will ensure your feedback is captured, shared and advocated for. Thank you so much for your help. 

Rudro Sen, Project Manager, Levelling the Playing Field, Alliance of Sport 

“The unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have given us all an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the work we do and the impact we make. 

We would love to hear from our amazing colleagues across the network and learn more about their current offerings, capabilities and needs. 

We appreciate you giving us your valuable time to fill in this survey – it will only help us promote, further connect and support you better while we ride the “new” normal together!” 

To complete our survey, please click here or scan the QR code below to take part via your mobile phone. Thank you.


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