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Alliance of Sport to host discussion at new F Word conference

The Alliance of Sport will be hosting a round-table discussion at a brand new industry event called ‘The F Word’ at London’s City Hall on October 19. 

The ‘F Word’ in question is ‘failure’ and the one-day conference, run jointly by Upshot and Sports Think Tank, seeks to explore how third-sector organisations can work together to learn from their failures and develop best-practice strategies for dealing with them. 

Bringing together organisations from the world of sport, government and beyond, delegates will get the opportunity to discuss the potential for adopting ‘Black Box Thinking’ within the third sector. 

Justin Coleman, the Alliance of Sport’s Co-Founder and Secretariat, will host a discussion digging into some of the failures he and others have experienced and witnessed in sport-based interventions in criminal justice. 

The discussion is titled: “Cures That Harm: Reviewing failure of our successful participants beyond the transition of our services” and will focus on the impact on young people and adults after they have exited rehabilitative services in the community or in custody. 

Justin says: “Myself and my Co-Founder James Mapstone have learned from our own experiences and those of our network that there’s a danger in celebrating our success without fully understanding some of the unseen negative impacts. 

“We can lift someone’s self-esteem when they’re with us, and have all sorts of other positive impacts, but do they revert back to type once they leave our care? Does the withdrawal of our support in fact make them worse? We’ve provided stability when we’re there, but what happens when we’re not there? 

“The F Word event is about developing a culture where failure is embraced. Discussing weaknesses in our systems must be encouraged to ensure they are addressed. Making mistakes is fine as long as we learn from them.” 

There are only 100 tickets for the F Word so book your place now! 

Location: London’s Living Room, London City Hall, 110 The Queens Walk, London, SE1 2AA 

Time/Date: 9am – 6pm, 19th October 2018

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