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Boxing Futures showcase impact on young people

Late last year, the Alliance of Sport profiled the work of award-winning charity Boxing Futures, who use the sport to tackle mental health, wellbeing and social isolation with people in and around the criminal justice system.

In partnership with Storyhouse Media, the organisation has now produced a powerful video plotting the journey of one of their young people and his family.

The video depicts Jace, who in 2015 experienced a traumatic event which involved his carer and had a detrimental effect on his mental health. He became withdrawn, wouldn’t go out and was unable to communicate with people he didn’t know. He became angry and would physically and verbally lash out at anything and anyone in college, at home, or at his grandparents’.

He would punch walls in anger, making his hands bloody and bruised. Boxing Futures intervened, and turned his life around.

Anthony York, Co-Founder of Boxing Futures, says the video depicts just one example of the way his organisation is “changing lives and making an impact” with young people in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and London.

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