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New Year, new era for the Alliance of Sport

The dawn of 2018 brings with it two small but significant changes to our organisation. 

When we launched the Alliance two years ago, our aim was to raise awareness and champion the role of sport within criminal justice and crime prevention. Since then we have: 

  • Launched Positive Action Groups that have already had real impact in areas such as violence reduction, gangs and looked-after children in custody.
  • Launched a £100,000 pilot project with Sport England to develop the use of sport in bridging the gap between custody and community
  • Convened academics from leading universities to build a robust evidence base
  • Successfully lobbied for MP Dr. Phillip Lee to commission a Ministry of Justice Review of Sport in Youth Justice, on which we’re proud to work alongside Professor Rosie Meek. 

Now, more than ever, our role is pivotal to ensuring this momentum continues to build and results in a central role for sport within criminal justice. By coordinating effort across departments, sharing resources, championing best practice and driving the recommendations of the Review of Sport in Youth Justice, we can achieve lasting impact on crime. 

After consulting with our stakeholders and funders, we believe we can best achieve this by applying for charitable status. A charity is the preferred governance model for our current and potential supporters and will put us in a stronger position for the road ahead. 

The second change is small, but also important. We will be dropping the word ‘National’ from our title, to become known as the ‘Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime’ (or, colloquially, the ‘Alliance of Sport’). 

The influence of our organisation is constantly expanding; so much so that 15% of our members are now outside of the UK. This name change reflects these expanding horizons.

Alliance of Sport Co-Founder James Mapstone commented: “These two key changes will set us up for what is set to be a very exciting year of growth, development and impact across the sector.

Stay tuned for for more exciting announcements in the coming months!