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Research for the Thailand Institute of Justice

The Thai government has been leading the way in convening global experts in the use of sport in criminal justice in recent years, and they have turned to the Alliance of Sport and Prof. Meek of Royal Holloway University of London to compile the evidence that will underpin future policy and practice.

The objectives of the study are:

  • To build a body of knowledge and data within global, evidence-based research and identify practical ways in which sport is successfully integrated into youth crime-prevention programmes
  • To present a global common thread showing the benefits of sport within youth crime prevention, despite differing social and judicial contexts across regions
  • To analyse the roles and types of multi-stakeholder engagement in the use of sport in crime prevention and criminal justice strategies (both domestic and international)
  • To promote this integrated strategy in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Research, which begins immediately and is set to conclude at the end of September 2021, will include the collation of existing evidence, as well as global e-surveys, online interviews and focus group discussions with a range of stakeholders who directly engage in youth crime prevention through sport programmes.

The research will lead to a new Thailand Institute of Justice publication which will provide a global evidence base and document the common factors associated with effective and successful sport-based youth crime prevention programmes. It will also recommend approaches to building a multi-stakeholder model for such programmes.

We anticipate the launch of the publication to take place early in 2022.