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The Get Well, Stay Well Agreement

We launched The Get Well, Stay Well Agreement in December 2022 as a framework to increase collaboration, health promotion and the use of physical activity and sport across the welfare and justice systems. 

A stark health gap exists between the children, young people and adults in the welfare and justice systems and the general public, with those in custody or on the fringes of the system suffering disproportionately with mental health problems, illness, substance misuse and adverse childhood experiences.  

Only through the commitment and collaboration of all key stakeholders across relevant sectors can we ensure physical activity and sport is better utilised to support the most vulnerable members of society to get well and stay well

The Taskforce is therefore calling on all areas of government to sign up to this new national partnership agreement and unite in their approach to help people get well and stay well

Executive Director at NHS England, Kate Davies CBE, said: “Health and wellbeing is key to all our lives and physical activity and sport is central to improving the health of men, women, boys and girls who are in the Criminal Justice System. The outcomes for individuals have been amazing and key to not only reducing reoffending but improving individuals’ physical and mental health.” 

Minister for Sport, Tourism and Civil Society, Stuart Andrew MP, said: “It is vital we continue to improve access to sport and physical activity right across society. As a former Prisons Minister, I fully support those in our Criminal Justice System having the benefit of exercise to support their mental and physical wellbeing in a positive way.   

“Sport also allows people to develop skills such as teamwork, leadership and to build self-confidence so I am delighted to get behind the Get Well and Stay Well Agreement.” 

Taskforce Chair Baroness Sater said: “The responsibility for getting people active, improving wellbeing, tackling inequalities and reducing the number of people involved with the justice system falls on the whole of society. Therefore, I am grateful to the Ministers, senior officials and government departments who have actively engaged with the Taskforce so far and for their desire to work more collaboratively and drive real change.”

Alliance of Sport Ambassador, David Haze said “The power of sport and adventure have completely changed my life. Not only have they given me drive and purpose, but they have been my tools for change, growth and ultimately my rehabilitation. 

“The impact this initiative will have is incredible and I know first-hand how sport will help people in the system to get well and stay well – I am living proof.” 

The Get Well, Stay Well Agreement is the first major initiative of the Taskforce on Physical Activity and Sport in the Criminal Justice System, which is led by the Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice, chaired by Baroness Sater and consists of senior leaders across government and academia. It is supported by people with lived experience of the welfare and justice systems.