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Sport & Desistance

Sport has often been evidenced as an effective way to engage with even the most challenging and complex individuals caught up in a cycle of crime and imprisonment.

Why sport?

The power of sport, if used appropriately, can offer an alternative means of excitement and risk taking to that gained through engaging in offending behaviour. Another advantage sport offers is the access it gives to an alternative social network and wide range of positive social role models.

The Alliance of Sport will support a range of stakeholders ranging from the private, public, voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and will champion the power of sport as a tool for the prevention and the desistance from crime.

What is desistance?

“Desistance is about more than criminal justice. Desistance requires engagement with families, communities, civil society and the state itself. All of these parties must be involved if rehabilitation in all of its forms (judicial, social, psychological and moral) is to be possible”. How and why people stop offending: Discovering desistance.

Find out more about desistance and its meaning: Iriss Insights No 15.

What are we doing?

We convene multiple stakeholders through a range of Positive Action Groups to develop, test and evaluate best practice. Please contact us to find out how we can support you with monitoring and evaluation.


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