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Tanayah Sam

What Tanayah Sam does

Tanayah’s non-profit organisation TSA Sports and Education CIC helps young people in schools and prisons find a path through life using sport. Amongst TSA Projects’ portfolio is their Lead Your Ship Programme, targeted at young people identified as being at-risk of exclusion from school. It uses cricket as an engagement tool to help them understand the risks and consequences of criminal behaviour and gangs.

How did they come to the Alliance of Sport?

Tanayah has been aligned closely with the Alliance of Sport’s Co-Founders, James Mapstone and Justin Coleman, since they worked together in the Sports Academy at HMP Oakwood. Since then, the Alliance of Sport has upskilled, mentored and guided Tanayah as he has built up his own practice, which is based in Birmingham but operates all over the UK.

What we did to help

The Alliance of Sport have connected Tanayah to key players and opportunities within the sport and criminal justice sector. His appointment to our Steering Group also gave him a platform to showcase his work to organisations such as Comic Relief and Unicef.

Through the Alliance of Sport, Tanayah got the opportunity to speak at the 2015 Beyond Sport summit in London and promote his work as a trainer in gang culture, extremism and the criminal justice system.

Most importantly, the Alliance of Sport gave Tanayah long-term support in the form of mentoring and practical guidance on shaping and properly evaluating his programmes so they achieve maximum impact with at-risk young people.

Our impact

“The guys at the Alliance of Sport have always looked out for me and gone that extra mile,” says Tanayah. “They made me see that sport was the route I need to take to make an impact. They planted that seed and watered it in me.

“They’ve opened so many doors for me and got me around the table with organisations that have helped me in many ways. Speaking at the Beyond Sport event was a huge moment in my life and they gave me that opportunity. That began a new chapter in my life and has ultimately led to the creation of TSA Projects.

“The Alliance of Sport have taught me the practicalities of delivering sport, mentoring, identifying areas of concern that may affect young people’s chances of reoffending, structuring, monitoring, signposting… it’s through those guys that I was able to put those key components of my work in place.

“There have been other people helping me along the way but ultimately they’re the ones. I’m at the stage I am now because of their input and influence.”

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