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The Prisoner Funder Directory 2016

Foreward by Ian Blakeman, Director of Commissioning, NOMS

I am once again delighted to introduce the latest edition of the Prisoner Funder Directory. This directory is an excellent resource for prisoners who are planning a journey through the gate and into a new life. It is also heavily used and greatly valued by staff supporting them at this time.

Make no mistake, this is an essential reference book if you want to access funding for training, assistance in setting up as self-employed, or to access mentoring and other sources of practical advice and support. The Hardman Trust presents a host of opportunities, including numerous funders who will readily accept prisoner applications to assist with their personal development and resettlement goals. It can often only take a small amount of support to get things moving in the right direction and this directory offers many organisations to consider for a variety of circumstances and aspirations.

Managing and presenting information of such a diverse and changeable nature must be a major challenge, but the Prisoner Funder Directory with its regular updates provides it in a completely practical and accessible way.

The Prisoner Funder Directory is also an invaluable resource for all staff working to support resettlement and will be of great benefit to all our new providers of resettlement services joining the criminal justice system in 2015. Please do make the most of this directory.

I am very grateful to the staff of the Hardman Trust and other organisations who have produced this directory, to the Bromley Trust and other donors who have made it possible, and to all the funders it lists, for supporting prisoners who are determined to make a fresh start.

Access the Prisoner Funder Directory here

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